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Buddha Stones Natural Amazonite Stone Healing Lotus Mala Bracelet

Buddha Stones Natural Amazonite Stone Healing Lotus Mala Bracelet

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Experience the healing power of our Amazonite Bracelet with a beautiful Lotus Bracelet design. The Amazonite stone, or the stone of hope, is a confidence booster that will make you feel more positive. This beautiful blue stone will have you interacting with people and feeling free of all negative emotions and thoughts as if you were born again. This Mala will have you feeling calmer than you have ever felt in your life. The beautiful lotus symbol hanging on the Mala can help you face all of life’s challenges and come out of the other end with such elegance that even you will be surprised.


♥ Positive ♥ Healing ♥ Balance ♥ Relax ♥ Confidence ♥Enlightenment ♥ New beginning ♥

About Amazonite
Amazonite is a kind of lucky stone that can increase self-confidence, also known as the stone of hope. It can make people positive, avoid negative emotions, and improve communication between people. Amazonite can make people calm down faster, has the effect of curing emotional restlessness, balances the body and mind, and promotes health.Buddha Stones Natural Amazonite Stone Healing Lotus Mala Bracelet Mala Bracelet BS 1


This stone can help you:

  • Gives you hope while boosting your self-confidence
  • Bring joy and happiness to your life
  • Heal your negative energies and calm you down


About Lotus

Delicate and ravishing, the Lotus represents purity, rebirth, and getting through tough times. Just like the flower itself, the Lotus symbol is embodied with the strength to go past the mud, water, and then elegantly emerge from the depth. That is a capability that can be replicated in life - there will always be tough, murky times, but everything eventually resolves.
Lotus will remind you to have faith and persevere, as hardships do not last forever. Enlightenment awaits and you should just remain patient and resilient. Both subtle and strong, this symbol is a contradiction, reminding us that compassion and emotional intensity are not a sign of weakness.Buddha Stones Natural Amazonite Stone Healing Lotus Mala Bracelet Mala Bracelet BS 2

The Lotus provides a minimum of four blessings as follows:

  • Help to get through tough times while living by good virtues, our hearts will open and blossom.
  • Help personal progress while reaching spiritual enlightenment
  • Boosts your self-confidence while reminding you to persevere
  • Remain patient and resilient


How to Use Mala Beads?

Mala beads are a set of beads often utilized in prayer and meditation. In essence, they're a collection of beads that have been used for religious rituals for thousands of years. Malas are more than just jewelry; they're potent, culturally significant tools for meditation.



  • Item Type: Bracelet, Necklaces, Mala
  • Bead Size: 8mm
  • Number of beads: 108
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Amazonite 
  • Note:
    1. Products are made of natural materials, please take off the product when you are ready to sleep or wash.
    2. The above data is manual measurement, there is a slight deviation, please understand!
    3. The materials used in all our products are naturally environmentally friendly.
    4. These products are HANDMADE and NATURAL, therefore they may present some irregularities and due to lightning effects, the colour may slightly vary from the one shown in the picture.

Buddha Stones Natural Amazonite Stone Healing Lotus Mala Bracelet Mala Bracelet BS 3

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