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Buddha Stones Tibet 108 Mala Beads Bodhi Seed Cross Vajra Dharma Wheel PiXiu Wealth Bracelet

Buddha Stones Tibet 108 Mala Beads Bodhi Seed Cross Vajra Dharma Wheel PiXiu Wealth Bracelet

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Immerse yourself in divine blessings with Buddha Stones Tibet 108 Mala Beads. The combination of Bodhi Seed, Vajra, and PiXiu invites wealth, luck, and spiritual power into your life. Embrace this sacred bracelet for a transformative journey of abundance and enlightenment.


Product Description

Bodhi Seed

♥ Auspiciousness ♥ Luck ♥ Wealth ♥

Bodhi in sanskrit translates to “enlightened” or "awakenened," therefore the bodhi seed means “enlightened seed” . As an “enlightened” seed, many practitioners wear the bodhi seeds during their meditation practices to ultimately reach enlightenment.Bodhi is also a term in Buddhism to reflect a Buddha’s understanding of the true nature of things.These dark-speckled seed beads have special meaning for all seekers of divine wisdom.
Invite bodhi seeds into your mindful practice and spiritual journey to enhance your awareness and connection.


♥ Enlightenment ♥ Spiritual Power ♥ Strength ♥

Vajra is a five-pronged ritual object used in Buddhist ceremonies in Tibet. It symbols the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and a thunderbolt (irresistible force). As a symbol for the properties of a diamond, vajra signifies indestructibility as diamonds are the hardest of stones. As a symbol for the thunderbolt, vajra represents the irresistible force. It denotes cutting through ignorance since the god Indra kills ignorant persons with this weapon.
The vajra is the weapon of the Indian Vedic rain and thunder-deity Indra, and is used symbolically by the dharma traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism often to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power.

In the tantric traditions of Buddhism, the vajra is a symbol for the nature of reality, or sunyata, indicating endless creativity, potency, and skillful activity.

The vajra (symbolizing the male principle, fitness of action) is held in the right hand and the bell (symbolizing the female principle, intelligence) in the left hand, the interaction of the two ultimately leading to enlightenment.


♥ Wealth ♥ Luck ♥ Keep away evil spirits ♥

PiXiu is also known as Pi Yao. This is a powerful Chinese talisman to bring riches into the home or workplace.
Perhaps even more important is the notion that this creature will not permit wealth to leave the home or workplace.
PiXiu is especially popular among business people, investors and gamblers in Asia. It is regarded as a dominant attractor of money.
The Pixiu provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:Conducts good luck and fortune, Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck, Enhances wealth and riches, Protects individuals and building, Protects against evil forces, obstacles, and hardship, Brings unexpected windfall luck, One of the popular ways to retain a Pixiu is to wear it on a bracelet.



  • Item Type: Bracelet, Necklaces & Mala
  • Number of beads: 108
  • Bead Size: 10mm*4mm (Diameter*Thickness)
  • Material: Bodhi Seed, Copper, Yak Bone, Sandalwood, Tiger Eye, Coconut Shell
  • Note:
    1. Products are made of natural materials, please take off the product when you are ready to sleep or wash.
    2. The above data is manual measurement, there is a slight deviation, please understand!
    3. The materials used in all our products are naturally environmentally friendly.
    4. These products are HANDMADE and NATURAL, therefore they may present some irregularities and due to lighting effects, the color may slightly vary from the one shown in the picture.

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